About Us

Who We Are

Xperience is a new dynamic Egyptian Hospitality Brand, founded in January 2011, offering
international standards with regional expertise. Through a wide range of tailor-made
services and diverse modern facilities, Xperience will raise the hospitality benchmark to
meet all international travelers’ needs.

Xperience Hospitality Management is a member of Kiroseiz Group. Kiroseiz Group has
successfully managed to develop and flourish many companies in various fields over the
past 30 years. Kiroseiz Group owns Kiroseiz Contracting & Development, Kiroseiz for
Trading & Contracting, Kiroseiz for Hotels Establishment, Kiroseiz Tours, Kiroseiz Red Sea
and Kiroseiz Touristic Construction.

Delivering The Promise Through Xperience

As experienced & young hoteliers, our team is committed to developing the hospitality
 business in the Middle East by passionately managing a profitable business for owners 
and shareholders alike. 
Xperience provides value by developing the highest caliber of hospitality professionals,
 and through implementing proprietary tools and unique processes to create a 
comprehensive hospitality management system, delivering intelligence, foresight and 
insight into an ever-evolving business environment.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision ...

Through its people, Xperience will develop the hospitality business in the Middle East, 
offering distinct, diverse products and consistency in service delivery.

Our Mission ...

To provide an enriching experience for each & every guest and to nurture an inspired, 
passionate and dedicated team. Our strategic intention is to manage a profitable business 
for owners and shareholders alike, build and develop a range of brands to service the 
international travelers’ needs while fulfilling the community's need for compassion.

Our Development

Development Model ...


  • In selective cosmopolitan cities where different cultures merge
  • In selective resort destinations

Architecture & Design:

  • Warm, cozy, friendly, fresh, luxurious, lifestyle and adaptable to change in consumers’ trends


  • Efficient, personalized, hassle-free with guest recognition as key and a CAN DO attitude

Team Leaders & Members:

  • Leadership Team = Over 80 years of hospitality experience
  • Quality experienced calibers; an urge to serve and achieve
  • Personality, more than position and title
  • Cross cultural exposure

When developing a hotel, Our joint aims are:

  • To maximize efficiency and deliver a quicker return on investment
  • To develop a high yielding asset for all parties
  • To create a distinctive Xperience that will increase in value year on year


Xperience Hospitality Management Leadership Team

Through strong leadership role models and a focus on internal professional training and 
development programs in a competitive atmosphere, Xperience is building tomorrow’s 
hotel industry leaders who will evolve from today’s hotel management teams.