Meet The Team

Chairman - Esmat Nathan

Esmat Nathan’s dream was to build an immense and integrated group of companies with a vision to achieve consistent business growth, excellence in product and service delivery and a positive contribution to the community.

His expertise lies on a strong financial background, real-estate market knowledge and a passion for the hospitality industry. Over the years, Kiroseiz Group has successfully developed under his leadership and is now a pioneer in several major industries; real-estate investment, retailing, tourism investment, travel, hospitality management and distribution.

Esmat is a man of principles and values which are the basic core and foundation of Kiroseiz Group of companies. The principles and values are of both economic and social significance, with business excellence as the main drive of its team members across all functions.

Over the past 7 years, Esmat has successfully developed, owned and managed branded hotels and touristic services. He has personally developed loyal and supportive guest and client relationships with a dedicated team focused on service delivery.

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